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The vast majority of CPG startups fail in spectacular fashion. It is easy to have an idea, but the demands from distributors, retailers, and co-packers often come as a rude shock. In order to succeed, you need experienced guidance.

We have 15 years of C-suite level experience in CPG and can advise you on all aspects of your business to make sure you reach your goals.

Most Fractional CFOs are simply CPAs who decided they wanted to make more money as a Fractional CFO. Deep industry experience is required in order to avoid the pitfalls in CPG.

As a small business, you may not be able to match the expertise that your larger competitors have in cash-flow projections, forecasting, raising capital, and systems. We’re here to give you that big-company advantage. Sometimes understanding what a potential hire or a new SKU will do to your cash runway can be a relief.

I want to understand what is keeping you up at night and fix it.

To read more, visit the About page. To read answers to frequent questions about the process, visit the FAQ. Or click the button below to read about the services we offer to keep you on track.

What services do we provide?

We offer a wider range of services than most Fractional CFOs. Our goal is that you should be strong in many areas.


Give CFO-level advice to ensure your success. Because we have run all aspects of CPG businesses, this is wide-ranging. Most Fractional CFO firms will just give you a package of monthly reports.

Cash-Flow Forecasts

If you have a functioning infrastructure, meaning business processes to enter invoices and bills and to estimate future expenditures, we can provide a forecast of your cash balances. We use Cash Flow Tool for this.

Business Forecasting

We will create a model of your business that you can use for investor presentations and to run your business.

Capital Raises

After we become comfortable with your business, we will assist in creating presentations for investors, introducing you, and negotiating terms. Please note that for early-stage companies, the best source of capital is people who believe in you.

Business Intelligence

Data is useless without the ability to view and analyze it. We will provide ways for you to view the information available to use to make more useful decisions.


We have a large network of professionals we can introduce you to for sales, operations, and finance.


We can recommend, integrate and implement ERP, CRM, Email, and other types of business systems .

Accounting Supervision

We will supervise your accounting staff.

Partnerships & Collaborations

We are honored to partner with these organizations.

QuickBooks Online Payroll
Intuit Quickbooks
SOS Inventory
Oregon Entrepreneurs Network

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